Water (H20)

Water is the essential fluid that your body needs to sustain life and so your organs can keep working. Your body’s weight is made up of 60% water. Water helps flush toxins out of the body and carries nutrients to your cells and provides a moist environment. Lack of water can lead to dehydration, which occurs when you do not drink enough water to carry out normal functions in your body. Even when you are mildly dehydrated it can lead to energy loss or feeling tired. Drinking enough water so you don’t feel thirsty throughout the day and that your urine is a light yellow color is a good measure that you are adequately hydrated. Fruit can also be a good source of water as well. Example: A 4 oz apple gives you about 3.4 oz of water because an apple is about 85% water.

How much water do you need? (average amounts)

This all depends on what your activity level is throughout the day. Usually about 8 glasses of water (8 oz) is adequate for daily needs, but if you’re more active or an athlete it may be much higher.

Sedimentary: 48 oz/day, Moderately Active: 64 oz/day, Very Active: 80 oz/day, Athlete: 96 oz to 128 oz/day

Calculate the exact amount of water that you need each day: