Heart Rate and Blood Pressure

Your heart rate and blood pressure are very important factors to your health status and below are appropriate ranges for your heart rate per minute and blood pressure.

Heart Rate

Keeping your heart health in good range is essential so I have provided a calculation for you to understand what your maximum heart rate should be based on your age.

Calculation: Take 220 and subtract your age and that is your maximum healthy heart rate.

Example: 220 minus 32 (your age) equals 188 beats per minute

Keep in mind that you do not want be at your maximum heart rate for a long duration of time. When you are resting a healthy heart rate is anywhere from 35-80 beats per minute depending on your age and health status. I have provided a percentage chart to help you understand the different heart rate zones while you are working out.

Heart Rate Zones:

To figure out your desired heart rate zone take your max heart rate and multiply it by your activity level percentage.

15-35% – resting

45% – light

60% – moderate

80% – vigorous

95% – recommended maximum

Example: 195 (max heart rate) x .6 (60%) = 117 beats per minute

How to figure out your heart (pulse) rate:

Find your pulse (on the neck or wrist using your pointer finger) and count the number of beats for 6 seconds. Multiply that number by 10 and compare it to your recommended range.

Example: 5 x 10 = 50 beats per minute

Blood Pressure

I have provided you with a blood pressure chart where you are able to see what is in normal range or too high. Blood pressure is generally lower when you are eating a healthy balanced diet and working out or are active more days out of the week. You can take your blood pressure by using a blood pressure machine that tightens around your arm to gauge your blood pressure at home or at the gym. If you are doing this at home or at other locations make sure that you are relaxed and sitting down in a calm environment for about 5 minutes to get the most accurate blood pressure reading. Also, taking your blood pressure reading multiple times will most likely show a higher reading so it is only recommended to take your blood pressure at the most every hour for the most accurate results.

Remember that your blood pressure will rise and fall throughout the day and if you go running or bike riding expect your blood pressure to be a bit higher than normal afterwards, but it will eventually come back down to normal range.