Brushing Your Teeth

Remember to brush your teeth no less than twice daily.

When you wake up or before bed time:

1. Eat your meal

Always eat your meals before you brush your teeth.

2. Rinse your mouth out with water (10 seconds)

It is a good idea to rinse out any bigger pieces of food before you start brushing your teeth.

3. Floss your teeth (10-20 seconds)

Make sure to floss in-between each tooth to get out food that may be caught.

4. Get your toothbrush, wet it with water and then put toothpaste on it.

Using toothpaste with fluoride is a good idea in cavity prevention if your water supply does not have fluoride in it.

5. Brush your teeth lightly in a circular motion for no less than 2 minutes.

Remember to brush all parts of your teeth (front, back, molars, gum line, gums and tongue)

6. Rinse with water (3 seconds)

It is a good idea to rinse out the toothpaste from your mouth because it is not a good idea to swallow any large amounts of toothpaste because it can cause a stomach ache.

7. Rinse with mouthwash such as Listerine (about 30 seconds)

It is a good idea to rinse with mouthwash because it helps remove extra plaque that your toothbrush missed and keeps your mouth fresh.

8. Wait for about 30 minutes until you eat food or drink beverages other than water.

It is a good idea to wait so you don’t wipe away the cleaning agents that are set on your teeth.

9. Always carry a small toothbrush so you can quickly brush away debris left by foods and drinks.

Having a small toothbrush on the go can help you keep your breath fresh throughout the day.

You’re Done!