It is always a good idea to keep fruit in plain sight so everyone can see them or in a refrigerator to keep them fresh. There are many great options for eating fruits such as making fruit smoothies, eating raw fruit (banana or apple), mixing fruit with yogurt (Low-fat yogurt with blueberries), adding fruit to a salad to make both look more appealing and carrying a can/bottle of fruit to eat on the go. Also, most fruits contain a percentage of water which is important for body function. You can have fruit pretty much any time of the day and I would always recommend having an apple or banana for a snack because it’s not only good for you, but has enough calories to fill you up as well. (Always wash your fruits before you eat them)

What are some good fruits to eat?

Banana, Orange, Pineapple or an Apple (50 to 120 calories)

These fruits are especially good to eat after a workout because they will help replenish your body fluids and natural sugars quickly.