Sun and Sleep

Sunlight is good for your skin and helps with vitamin D production in your body. People with darker skin need more time out in the sun and those with lighter/fairer skin need less time in direct sunlight. Spending about 56 minutes a week (8 minutes a day) outside in the sun is healthy for your skin. Keep in mind that too much sun can still be harmful to your health. If you plan on spending a long time out in the sun apply sun block after about 5 to 10 minutes. Sun block that is 8% or more will block out the sun from reaching your skin and to get vitamin D so make sure you use it accordingly. In the winter time when there is less sun take a multi-vitamin (1-2 tablets/day 3x a week) to help with getting some extra vitamin D along with other minerals and vitamins.

Sleep is very important for your body to recover and burn extra calories. It is recommended that a person get about 7 hours of sleep each night (49 hours/week). On average you will spend about 1/3 of your life sleeping and burning about 65 calories each hour of sleep that you get whether you are napping or sleeping at night.

Sleeping Calorie Chart

These are the calories based on your weight (lbs) that you would burn for each hour of sleep.

100 = 42.5 calories

110 = 47.2 calories

120 = 51.5 calories

130 = 55.7 calories

140 = 59.8 calories

150 = 64.3 calories

160 = 68.7 calories

170 = 72.9 calories

180 = 77.3 calories

190 = 81.5 calories