For Athletes

Essential Information for Athletes:

Daily Value (Click on the, “Calorie Intake” link for more information.)

Grains        Fruits        Veggies        Milk/Dairy        Meats and Beans        Water        Fats/Oils

10-12 oz     3 cups       3 cups          3 cups              7-8 oz                            64-128 oz    2 oz

Discretionary Calories (extras): about 500 calories

Glycemic Index (GI): low: less than 55, moderate: 55 to 70, high: more than 70

Wake up/Throughout the day: Low, Before workouts: Moderate, After workouts: High

Protein Needs: 1.2g to 1.6g for each 1 kg (2.2 lbs) of body weight

140 lbs / 2.2 lbs = 64 kg x 1.2g = 77g of protein each day

Team Sports: 1.2g, Weight Lifting: 1.4g, Power/Sprint: 1.5g, Long Distance Running: 1.6g

More Information:

1. Water: Average of 64-96 oz. per day (Six average sized bottles of water)


1. Drink 6 oz, of water before starting your run/workout/race/sport.

2. Drink 12 oz, of water after your run/workout/race/sport.

3. Gatorade: Average of 32 oz. per day (One medium sized bottle)


1. Drink 4 oz, of Gatorade before starting your run/workout/race.

2. Drink 10 oz, of Gatorade after your run/workout/race.

3. Soda: Average of 32 oz. every 5 days (Soda is not the best idea for you if you are trying to stay hydrated)

4. Fruit Drinks: Average of 10 oz. per day (Not complete fruit juice)

An example of this is SunnyD Smooth!

5. More Fruit Drinks: Average of 16 oz. per day (100% pure fruit)

This is a nice substitution for eating actual fruit. (Remember 16 oz. counts for two servings of fruit)

6. Dark Hot Chocolate: Average of 8 oz. per day. (Good source of antioxidants)

7. Protein: Average of 16 oz. per day. (Solids or liquids do not matter)