Cholesterol is vital to the structure and function of all of your cells in your body and should be kept lower to keep you healthy throughout your life. Plaque from cholesterol is the main substance that clogs your arteries that would eventually lead to negative health effects such as cardiovascualr disease. When you have high cholesterol it can lead to health concerns such as the possibility of a heart attack. You can find added cholesterol by eating animal products, such as meat, poultry, seafood, eggs, dairy products and butter. Foods that will help lower cholesterol are: oats, black beans, whole grains, most fruits, nuts and vegetables oils.

LDL: bad cholesterol, HDL: good cholesterol, Dietary Guidelines recommends < 300mg/day

How much should you have each day? (1g = 1,000mg)

You will want to limit your daily cholesterol to less than 300mg for each day. The less cholesterol you have the better it is for you because your body makes it naturally so it is not a necessity part of a balanced diet.

Total cholesterol: < 200mg, LDL cholesterol: < 100mg, HDL cholesterol: > 60mg, Triglycerides: < 150mg